Tracking and monitoring the health of your members


Heads Up

Observations are a new feature rolling out to Source customers. They are not currently available to all customers. Please contact your account manager to enable this feature.

Source's Observations API allows you to track, convert, trend, and monitor discrete clinical metrics for your members over time. An observation is anything that can be explicitly observed, such as blood pressure, height, weight, PHQ-9 scores, and more.

Observations can come from any number of data sources, but most commonly will come from:

  • Connected devices, such as blood pressure monitors, weight scales, and glucose meters
  • Laboratory reports, as pulled in from HIEs and connected EHRs
  • Patient questionnaires which capture data points and save them into an observation

How they Work

Observations in Source are captured at the patient level, and reported in flowsheets and care plans throughout the interface.

Unit Conversions

Source fully supports the Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM) for all unit-based observations. This means that our platform can automatically convert units of measure on inbound metrics, and format them for display, as long as the units are compatible.

Practically, this means you no longer have to worry about whether a patient is reporting their weight in kilograms or pounds. Just send the value and the unit to our API, and we'll normalize it automatically.